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SINOCARE iCare-2100

SINOCARE iCare-2100

iCare-2100 Portable Automatic Multi-function Analyzer


The iCare-2100 is an innovative portable and automatic multi-function analyzer with accuracy comparable to laboratory results, efficiency within 3-5 minutes, and easy operation only requiring three steps.



  • Accuracy: Comparable results
  • Multi-parameters: Including biochemistry, coagulation, HbA1c, ACR parameters
  • Efficiency: testing time within 3-5 minutes, iPOCT system is exceedingly suited for individual tests, truly on demand
  • Easy of operations: Only three steps, no need of professional operation and calibration
  • Economy: Low cost without additional consumables and no daily maintenance required
  • Compatibility: Compatible with your data management system
  • Self-contained and single-use cartridge, unique tips


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